The Ultimate Guide to Know the Phases of Mobile App Development

Breaking down the app development process has been the most essential and tricky part for most entrepreneurs and startuppers. No matter how simple the process looks in the first place, it will get trickier at each step. Many people out there will claim that the method will contain these steps and that process, but no […]

How To Win Your Customers With Geo location-based Mobile App Development?

What will engage users most on your mobile app, automated location detection, or manual location entry? Of course, the automated location detection which will fetch an accurate location detail of a user and display relevant options. Exerting smartphones’ features has become inevitable for amplifying the app’s user experience and interfaces. Besides, location plays an imperative […]

How To Develop A Multi-vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform?

Would you rather register and shop from various online stores or log in to an online marketplace where you can add anything you need into your cart and check out using your preferred payment option? The majority of online shoppers prefer to log in to an eCommerce marketplace platform where they can get everything they […]

10 Best Mobile App Development Tools To Develop A Star App

Every business wants to thrive, which is possible when it provides its service in the way people can easily access them. The mobile app is becoming the first choice to offer services or products at everyone’s convenience. And to develop such a user-friendly app, there goes a resilient set of mobile app development tools. Software […]

Build and Run a Successful Grocery Delivery App – Know How?

If you still own a brick and Mortar grocery store, you should rethink extending your grocery business. Besides just having an old-fashioned grocery store, you should also consider the downfall of the global pandemic. As we all are aware of the COVID-19 situation, people avoid going to the grocery store to maintain social distancing.  Since […]

Guide to Food Delivery App Development : Cost & Must-Have Features

Nowadays, people are hustling all the time especially the young generation, they find cooking very difficult and monotonous, and hence they are shifting from cooking at home to get their food on the door-step. The idea of getting your favorite steaming hot dish at the comfort of your house is remarkable, and that’s when the […]

Why should you integrate real-time features in your mobile application?

Real-time is the term which means the actual time when a process or event is occurring. When you order something through a mobile app, let’s say food, you are able to track your parcel’s actual location in real-time on the app via order tracking feature. It shows where your parcel is and notifies ETA time […]

The Future of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

The game is all about mobile application development that starts with the users and ends with users. You develop a mobile app to start an online business or to create a digital presence; however, deep down, your purpose is to gain more customers. Modern technical solutions like app development, open up opportunities to attract more […]

How to Develop a Bug-free application? Here is the Right Strategy.

Ever faced a problem where you open an app and your app just crashes down? In the worst-case have you ever ended up on the home screen? Wonder why does that happen? The answer is the application is full of bugs.  It is a mammoth task to develop an application that is bug-free.  You need […]

Uncovered Guide On How To Enrich Your On-demand Delivery Application

Once upon a time, Stanford University’s four students carrying the sole purpose “to enable every merchant to deliver”  were working on a delivery app prototype for small businesses. They kept learning the day-to-day life of store managers and small businesses to solve their problems with their delivery app solution. In 2013, these students came up […]