Real-time is the term which means the actual time when a process or event is occurring. When you order something through a mobile app, let’s say food, you are able to track your parcel’s actual location in real-time on the app via order tracking feature. It shows where your parcel is and notifies ETA time so that in the meantime, you can do other things.

What if the food delivery app would not have order tracking or real-time notification features? You could not know how long it would take to deliver an order? In other words, without real-time features, the food delivery app would have failed its users.

It was just an example, but integrating real-time mobile app features has become an integral part of mobile app development. Please pay attention to your favorite apps. Whether it is twitter pop-ups, live video streaming on Instagram, or seeing journey progress on Citymapper with real-time geolocation features. It is real-time features that make the app engageable to the fullest extent. 

To understand the significance and benefits of Including Real-Time Solutions in Mobile Apps, we dug into real-time features. So, without further ado, let us clarify some of the most considerable importance of real-time features.

Importance of Real-time Features in Mobile App 


User experience improvement 


Real-time features enable UX designers to focus on their core competencies like visual communication and create a more delightful user experience. Further, it helps them to design unique in-built app features with more interactive and improved user interfaces. 

Boost user engagement 


After integrating real-time features in the app, you can rest assured about user engagement. These features stimulate users’ real-life behavior by allowing them to handle multiple tasks at once. Real-time features like push notifications keep users updated even if they are not on the app. For instance, the user can book a cab or any tickets without even pausing the chat with friends concurrently.

Improve brand retention 


Push Notifications and real-time feed are the potential real-time features that play a vital role in improvising brand retention. These features can get you, old users, that might have abandoned the app, as you can update them about the latest products, services, or content you publish on your platform.  

Competitive Edge with Live data 


Real-time is the need of every hour for our life. So, if getting a competitive edge in the market is your objective, then integrating real-time features such as BOSCH and WebSockets is the key. These features are highly used to build real-time UIs that are self-updating. For instance, Facebook data that update itself in real-time such as newsfeeds, comments, etc.

Cloud Delivery Network- CDN 


Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) distributes the group of servers geographically that dynamically identifies and serves page content as per users’ requests. Further, it ensures low maintenance and other expenses all along real-time mobile app development.


Some of the Real-time features you should consider in your project 


Real-time Messaging 


Whether you are developing an eCommerce app, healthcare-related app, or online delivery app, including food, pharmacy, grocery, etc., adding a real-time messaging feature is inevitable. The feature eliminates any course of confusion between service providers and users. It is an effective communication way that comprehensively solves the communication issue in real-time.




One of the best features to keep your audience and customers engaged with your brand or app is via notification. Every business software must have this feature. It has proven potentiality to nurture user retention, user engagement, brand recognition, and to encourage users to use the app more. The feature comes in handy to remind users about taking medicine, to update the status of their ordered service, etc. 


Real-time tracking 


Want to engage users to the fullest extent? Do not forget to integrate a real-time tracking GPS-enabled feature in your app. Undoubtedly, the feature is an obligation for all the logistics, cab/taxi booking, and online marketplace apps. The feature lets users track their parcel, order, or service location in real-time with the help of their device Global Positioning System-GPS.


Real-time feeds 


Real-time feeds and live data permit, creating and delivering the data to the end-users simultaneously. From social apps to trading, logistics, and real-estate uses the feature in their apps. It is the most powerful and visionary feature to exchange information and resolve any queries related to it in real-time.


IoT integration 


Among the array of real-time features, IoT integration has played a significant role in transferring data instantly securely. The cutting-edge technology has been used for home automation for a long time, and now it refers to other industries like healthcare and logistics, making the work effortless remotely. 

consider while developing mobile apps with real time features

What to consider while developing mobile apps with real-time features? 


For example, chat where two people connected in a mobile app. A typed message by one user is an event that triggers an action to display the message in the other user’s app. The same thing happens in the data dashboard and Geolocation.




To conclude, real-time features are necessities for the mobile app to conquer the real world. Users found it more reliable and trustworthy when they receive updates, services, and attention in real-time. Real-time features such as order tracking, in-app chat, reminder schedules, etc., bound them with the mobile application.

Besides, real-time mobile app development is also a sensible solution. Given that to develop Real-Time features in Mobile App required to concentrate and overcome multiple challenges like synchronization, scalability, design flow, etc. Nevertheless, our Mobile App Development Company ensures the best real-time app development solution for you. Contact us for more!