Mobile App Architecture Is The Secret Of The App Success

Why doesn’t every mobile app succeed and some of them have to even shut down? Why do Uber’s mobile apps don’t collapse even with heavy user traffic while similar apps do? Want to know the secret behind successful app development to its eternal maintenance? It’s architecture for mobile applications! Now, you may ask, What is […]

The Simple Guide To Develop An Ecommerce App Like Souq.Com

Want to rule the eCommerce market in your region like a King?  It’s time to get inspired by a highly spoken platform of the middle east Kingdom. Yes, we are talking about The eCommerce platform is governing the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Egypt market by offering over 600000 products at […]

Top 8 UI/UX Designing Tools To Look For in 2021

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings”  – Tom & David Kelley. These two successful entrepreneurs belonging to the firm strongly believe in the process of prototyping before initiating the final product development. They think that prototyping helps you in making progress towards your goal. Prototyping […]


If you are a designer, you must be aware of how digital aptness changes every day; which brings higher user expectations as well. The same happens with UI/UX design trends,it keeps on changing every year and as the quote goes “Change is the only constant” might be cliche, but true in the UI/UX design world. […]

How To Develop a Laundry And Dry Cleaner App Like Washmen?

We always have heard, “To reach somewhere you need to escape from somewhere,” which is proven by many startup companies founders. Sometimes startup founders even leave their reputed job to bring their dream project to life. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave your job to complete your dream but to follow your […]

Everything you need to know about Taxi Booking App Development

As we all know, the on-demand economy is sky-rocketing, but have you ever wondered why Ride-hailing services have become investor’s most preferred business out of all different categories? Because the on-demand taxi business has been the winner of continuous demand. Don’t believe us? Here is the proof, in a Statista report, the worldwide revenue of […]

How to Build a Health & Fitness App for a Startup?

If the question of “How to develop a health & fitness application for a startup business?” is not letting you sleep at night, then you are on the right page. We are exploring the easiest way to get started with Fitness app development. On the way, we will explore varieties of fitness apps, features for […]

Top 10 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Gone are the days when there were only two programming languages for app development, one for iOS and one for Android. But with the maturity of technology, we have many programming languages now. With a plethora of tools, SDKs, and languages, the confusion of what mobile app development languages to choose comes.  If you’ve been […]

Why should you define Software Requirements Specifications?

Entrepreneurs come up with novel app ideas that can seal their deal, but what if you do not know What and How exactly your software product will work? How will you address the product’s whereabouts? If you do not define “What’s” and “Hows,” your project will only result in invalid outcomes. Thus, you should prepare […]

What to choose between Dedicated Team vs. Fixed price and Materials?

When you finally decide to develop an app, the most significant challenge is selecting the development partner or development company. Selecting the IT outsourcing model can be confusing because the phrase outsourcing refers to a situation where a company provides certain services to another company. Outsourcing has been a Blessing to many companies; needless to […]