Ever faced a problem where you open an app and your app just crashes down? In the worst-case have you ever ended up on the home screen? Wonder why does that happen? The answer is the application is full of bugs. 

It is a mammoth task to develop an application that is bug-free.  You need to think, rethink the ways in which you can achieve this bug-free application goal. 

There are many factors that affect the speed of application run and have bugs in it and it happens mostly when the development process is going on. For example, network issues while you develop your app, security issues, and integrating the user information in the application. These are the most common problems that occur while developing an app, which makes the application take more time to load and run slow. 

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives, but if your app keeps on crashing then it might lose its value. It doesn’t matter what you provide inside the app or how great is your content, your app will eventually lose its importance. But it is also important to know that you won’t be able to see any app that is completely bug-free because it is super hard to develop a bug-free mobile application.

So, how do you develop a bug-free application? Are there any strategies to look upon before developing a bug-free application? We are going to discuss all the elements that are responsible for the bugs. 

However, with the right approach, You can easily overcome them to secure a bug-free mobile application. Let’s see how you can ensure the bug-free app development process. 

Steps to follow to develop a bug-free mobile app.


Steps to follow to develop a bug-free mobile app

As you know it is impossible to ensure a bug-free mobile application development but as a software development company or as a developer you can keep certain things in your mind that can ensure least bugs left from your side. As a leading Mobile App Development Company in Kuwait, we will guide you through the right strategies that will help you keep your app Bug-free. 

Revise the codes


Revising or reviewing the code from other developers can help you identify the problem and will point out errors that you might have missed out. As a developer, it is possible to miss out on many things in the process but when someone else reviews, chances are they catch the issue. 

There are many companies that rely on pair programming, in which they have a pair of developers (two developers) write a single code. This way, the code review facility becomes easier especially in the apps that are security-related and you end up writing bug-free applications. 

In the end, you have the least bugs in your app. It is not possible to write bug-free apps or even writing bug-free codes because we are human, we make mistakes but revising the codes can take you a long way. 

Beta Tests


The most familiar process of testing the confirmation of your application in the market is by releasing the beta version. The benefit is before you launch the app, you will test the beta version more frequently, and that will help you find bugs. 

Since the beta version is released for the users, they can use it on their respective devices and share their experiences. If any of them faces a problem, the same can be identified right at the beta stage before the final version is released. 

Rely On Automated Tests


Testing the programming interfaces and the user interface is the most important step you take during the app development. Automated testing is the best way to do the job for both testings. It is not mandatory for you to be a hardcore tester to use this tool, you can easily do it on your own. There are many testing frameworks available in the market which you can make the most of it. 

Error reports 


If your application is released on the trial version then your users won’t be able to connect with you, in this case, you can use the automated error report method to make your manual testing effortless. The automated error reports will discover the types of problems your users face. On the other hand, while you plan the error reports you will be able to recognize the bugs. 

Invest in good QA testers 


The most useful strategy in the Bug-free mobile app development process is investing in good quality assurance testers because they are the most essential part of the mobile app development. Some projects are way too complex which will require an experienced unit testing team. An experienced tester can do the bug reporting more proficiently and hence you should hire good QA testers. 

Debugger resources


Besides investing in good QA testers, the other thing you should also keep in mind is investing your best resources in a debugger. Although yes we know it is quite time-consuming as it takes the longest route that includes PHP, Python, and Ruby. However, in conclusion, it will also improve the quality of your final product. You can use Visual studio kind of IDE that is super easy to use and eventually it will keep you “Bug-free”.

Virtual Machines 


If you are willing to make a powerful application then you have to test your app on a number of devices and operating systems. And not only that you will have to test your application in different virtual machines as well. 

To test your app in various virtual machines and various environments it is necessary to take care of all the images, for example, keeping them in a standard size, test them as well in the various device and operating systems and then lastly upload them. Doing this, you won’t have to worry about installing the OS for future testing procedures. 

Last words


Lastly, we would still like to add that developing a bug-free app is quite a task and you will end up finding bugs in your respective development projects. As we mentioned before in the article, in the end, we are all human and one way or another we will miss out something. But as a developer, you can work these strategies out in order to reduce the number of bugs from your application. 

What you can do is keep your app updated and also keep an eye on reviews of your application. The honest feedback of your users and some independent research by your self can take you a long way. You can take these precautious steps during your development period and you will end up being close to developing what they call the “Bug-free” app. We hope this article will help you with your future app development project, all the best.