After you decide to build a mobile application, the very next step is to hire a mobile app developer (In case you don’t know how to code). If you believe us,  hiring a mobile app developer is not an easy task, because you are investing the money of your blood and sweat for the project. And since you are investing the hard-earned money in the app development, you will have to check all the factors that will influence your hiring decision. 

If we assume a scenario, what would you do when you are halfway through the development process, and you realize you chose the wrong candidate? Or what if the developer builds a product that you are not satisfied with? In years of our experience, we have seen these types of scenarios, which brings us to write this article. 

We are here to explain everything you need to know about finding the best mobile app developer. We will go through it step by step to see what characteristics you need to keep in check before hiring mobile application developers. 

Decide the type of app you want.


When we say be clear, we mean you must have a stronghold on what kind of application you want to build, where you want to see this app in five years, and what you will get from this software development. 

The reason being you can not expect the developer you hired to understand your requirements unless you are clear with what you want. 

So, if you want to hire perfect mobile application developers, the first thing you need to do is conclude what type of app you want. To make you understand better, let’s see how you can evaluate your pp idea. 

There are three types of application,

  1. Simple applications
  2. Mediocre Application
  3. Complex application

The app idea will depend on the type of business model you have and the number of screens you add. Each application will have a different hourly rate. So, you need to check in which category your application will fall, the simple applications will take fewer hours in the development process, and complex apps will take more time. According to the time, the price can be concluded. 

Check your developer’s previous work. 


When you hire a developer, you must check their portfolio, this will give you insight into how your development project will follow. The success of your application depends on how users interact with it, hence check what other projects they’ve worked on. 

Keep an eye on how those applications are working and see if they provide rich functionality and significant UI UX. Don’t forget to check what projects the developer failed and find out the reason. 

See what their previous client has to say 


The next thing you can make sure is to see what your desired developer’s previous client has to say about their work. You can check their client testimonials on their website or check your developer’s live apps’ review and rating section. You can connect with their previous clients straight via call or email and ask how their experience was with the developer. 

long-term and reliable partnership

Build a long-term and reliable partnership with your development partner. 


When you decide to develop an app, your developer’s relationship will be for the long term, it might take a few months to build your app, but afterward, you’ll need them for post-deployment services and maintenance. It is essential to keep a professional relationship with the development partner. 

The development phases will include improvisation as well; for example, you might have to add new features, cutting unnecessary functionalities and updates. 

To ensure these services, you must keep a friendly relationship with your developer. 

The cost-effectiveness


Everything that is low in cost is not bad, but on the other hand, not everything that is high priced is best. Do not compromise the quality of your product to get your things done at a low price. Just like we discussed earlier, how you categorize your app will affect the cost as well. Complex applications will take longer to develop hence more money. 

All the developers have different prices, and that is why you need to keep a budget in mind. So, before you hire any developer, what you need to do is, research the market to define what kind of development services you want to avail. 


What services do you want to avail of? 


This is one of the essential steps to hire a perfect mobile app developer; this step will determine what services you want to avail from your app developers. This will combine what kind of app you want to build (Android apps, iOS app), creating functional documents for your app, designing, Product management, UI and UX designing, Coding, testing, and development. 

According to your project, you can avail of the services you want. 

Make design your priority. 

Make design your priority. 


If you want to make a strong presence in the app market, remember to make the design segment your priority because no one will like poor design, misplaced graphics and buttons, and loud color pallet. To make your app more presentable and significant, make the design your first concern. 

The design will contain your application’s look and feel; you need to make sure you give it enough attention. You can influence your users by the first look of your app and not only it is a reflection of your brand but it will represent you to your potential customers as well. 

Final words


So, these are the steps you need to take care of before you hire a developer or app development company for your app development project. Hope this guide will help you find the best app developer. We know the cost of choosing the wrong candidate for app development will not only cost you high in your pocket but it will also cost your precious time as well. 

Look for the right person or company for your development project, someone who can match all the requirements. Find someone who can take care of your project from start to finish. For example, apart from designing, development, and deployment, there will be many phases of development. Phases that include Marketing, Project management, quality assurance, and testing. 

If you want to hire a Mobile App Development Company then check out our Portfolio and client testimonials to have an in-depth idea of how we work and with whom we work.