There is no brainer in accepting how all businesses are digitizing or coming online to reach out to their customers. Everyone knows how online presence can make an impact on the company. But do you know that about 60% of businesses have made their business transition online in the past few months? In this scenario, do you know what businesses can’t be affected? The one that provides essential commodities. For example, Food, Grocery, Milk, and apparel. These are the most critical things that people will need now and then. 

So, talking about grocery business in particular here, if you own such a business and want to expand your business and reach, this article is going to help you understand all the information you need for the same. 

Let’s understand the specific factors that will determine the future of your grocery business. 

No matter what your business model is, developing a grocery app like Instashop is the need of the hour, especially in this Coronavirus outbreak. Let’s get started with the reality of why there is an increased demand for a grocery app. 

Here is some statistical information that will blow your mind. 

Overview of Instashop Grocery App


If this information has planted a thought of developing a grocery delivery app like Instashop, let’s briefly overview Instashop. Instashop is an online grocery delivery app that allows its users to shop all their grocery needs without any fuss. It delivers groceries to their user’s doorstep in just half an hour. Apart from groceries, Instashop also provides cleaning services in less than 2 hours. 

Grocery Shop like Instashop

How Does a Grocery App Like Instashop Work?


To make you understand how to build a grocery delivery app like Instashop better, let’s go through the app’s necessary process. 

Let’s take the user’s app first. 

For users

Users simply have to register themselves by signing up in the app. Afterward, they can browse various categories, menus, and the products they require. Then they can add shortlisted works in the shopping cart and order groceries. Lastly, they can opt for payment processes from online, offline, and other options.  

In simple steps: Registration- Browsing products-Shortlist product- Order grocery-Payment and delivery. 

For Vendors: 

The grocery vendors can register themselves in the application and sell products via the app. They can manage orders and payments that happen through their store. 

In simple steps: Vendor-Registration- Manage orders- payments.

Features for App like Instashop

What are the Must-Have Features of the Instashop Grocery App?


To build a robust grocery delivery app like Instashop, you must understand the features of your app. The feature list will make the development process way more straightforward and hassle-free. Let’s look at the features you can not neglect. 

Simple descriptions of products


If you want to ensure your grocery delivery mobile app development’s success, and if you’re going to give your customers a significant experience, you must take care of the product description part of your app. It will save a lot of time for your customers and they will choose the products quickly. 

Push notification system 


If we tell you this feature is the most important part of your application, it will be an understatement. Many people misunderstand the power of push notification, keep bombarding your users with a lot of notifications will make them uninstall your app. Keep it interactive and short, your users should take action according to the notification. 

Rich UI/UX


Regardless of your amazing app idea, the designs and visuals of your app will matter the most. Your customers will notice the design of your app, the navigation, the button placements, and the colors make a huge impact on the audience. Make sure your app is simple, sober, and easy to use. 

Multiple payment options


It is vital that you include multiple payment gateway options in your app to provide safe and secure payment transactions to your customers. However, just providing multiple payment options is not enough, you should also ensure the refund amount in their accounts in case of any payment failure or product refund. 

Offers, discounts, and loyalty programs


Customers all around the world always look out for offers and discounts. This feature attracts them into buying more because they get the impression that the coupons will bring them certain profits.

You can also run the Refer-a-friend loyalty program in your app to make it more engaging. 

Along with these features, there are more extra features you can add in order to keep your customers engaged which are product images, Monthly shopping list reminders, and membership offers.

When you develop an app like Instashop, visually appealing product images are very important for your customers to have an authentic shopping experience. 

 Furthermore, the customer can be reminded of the monthly list through the push notifications, it is a simple note to make a list of the monthly grocery shopping list.

Cost to Create an App like Instashop

Cost to create an app like Instashop


To make an app like Instashop, we can conclude that the development process will take up to 700 hours multiplied with the hourly cost. If we multiply the hours into hourly cost the amount will be 20000 dollars for a single platform.

Remember the more platform you choose to launch your app, the more it will cost you.

However, you can always choose the Cross-platform app development method to ensure low-cost development. You can cover the major operating systems at the cost of one. 

Final Words


About 86% of customers use delivery services at least once a week.

The only drill is to make your app user-friendly. If we look at the worldwide revenue of grocery mobile apps, it was $80 billion and it is expected to increase to $137,6 billion by the end of 2020. 

So, it won’t be too much to say that this is the right time for you to think about turning your grocery business into mobile app development. If you are looking for a good Mobile App Development Company then feel free to reach out to us.