So you have finally landed upon this topic, Great!! We assume that you would have by now realized how many opportunities you were missing out without having a mobile app for your business. With the majority of people switching to smartphones and tablets, mobile apps are ruling the market. 

To remain competitive in the market and to boost more sales, mobile apps are the most effective strategy. So if you are here to see how to calculate your mobile app development cost then at the end of this blog you will be able to know the cost to make an app. So, are you ready?

There will be a lot of people out there telling you how to estimate the cost of developing an app, but they often miss out on the most important factor that will mislead you from your main purpose, no matter how professional or polished they seem or claim to be. The costs of the mobile app development process have humongous variations due to affecting factors. 

We have simplified the whole process of calculating the cost to build an app and we are going to delve into the whole process so you can precisely calculate the app development cost as possible. Let’s jump in it. 

Mobile App Development Cost


What are the factors that affect mobile application development costs?


As mentioned before there are several factors that affect the average cost to make an app in 2020. Before you decide to get your application developed, the facts mentioned below are considerable.  

First and foremost it varies worldwide based on the geolocation of the company and the hourly charges of the hired developer or the development company.

so, let’s have a brief look… 

Location-based & Hourly charge


The cost of hourly mobile app development work varies across the globe, and that again raises the question of whether you want to outsource or get it developed by local developers?

To find out know this,

It is not necessary to invest all your hard-earned money and time to expand your business, mobile app development companies in Kuwait offer a cost-effective and agile development process. 




To know the complexity, you should first know how your app would be and that depends on the number of screens and types of features you want to add in. Don’t forget the more you add the more it will cost you, and the more time your developer will take.

The complexity of the application can be divided into 3 categories, 1. Simple, 2. Moderate, 3. Complex. Each type of application takes its own time for development. Respectively the price will differ from simple to complex. Complex apps will take more time to develop and hence you will have to pay more. 




It’s crucial to first know what type of mobile application needs to be developed right? How can someone simply say whether they want an app to launch on just iPhone or Android phones? because that depends on the business model you have.

But if you want your app to launch on multiple platforms, you gotta be ready to pay a significant amount. Although there is one way to reduce the app development cost to handle your app on multiple platforms, would be to go with cross-platform app development. iOS and Android platforms have their own programming language, SDK, and tools. 




Before we talk about the visuals and design, Did you know there are about 2 million apps on the IOS app store and 2.5 million apps on the Android app store? 

Because design and visuals are the first things you are gonna interact with, it is advisable to always invest in a good UI and UX design because you want your app to have clear, concise, and consistent visuals. 

Design and visuals have an enormous impact on your application and you should definitely take care of that. 

As a famous quote of Steve Jobs goes, “ design is not just what it looks like and feels like, the design is how it works.

The visuals, User interfaces, User experience, logos, icons, wireframes, and prototypes are the various designing aspects you should consider.


Backend infrastructure & App administration


Backend developers are responsible to build the functionality via coding that connects the app to a database. 

App administration is where you can manage your app’s content and users.

The price will increase on the flexibility and complexity of the backend system and App administration.

The backend infrastructure is basically an operating system that provides APIs to developers for data exchange. App administration and backend infrastructure are meant to track the user activity from the user’s app.  The cost will fluctuate depending on the specifications you want to track. 




And finally, in the end, comes the post-release services, Getting your app designed, developed, and launched is not just the end to your investment.

Ongoing maintenance, app promotions, marketing, advertising, improved versions, updates, and future-proofing is what it takes to stay in your business for the long run and keep the users intact and that costs about 20% of the cost of mobile app development.




In the end, considering all the above-mentioned costs factors in check, as per the mobile app development companies it costs around $100,000 and $500,000 to create an application that could be complex or heavy. On the other hand, it costs only $10,000 to $50,000 to create an application that is simpler and fulfills the market needs.

The other factors that affect the cost to develop a mobile app in Kuwait are, Technology stack, Design complexity, Team members, and Type of team.

Don’t forget your app is the out-lay of your business and it should be at a price you can afford.