If you are a designer, you must be aware of how digital aptness changes every day; which brings higher user expectations as well. The same happens with UI/UX design trends,it keeps on changing every year and as the quote goes “Change is the only constant” might be cliche, but true in the UI/UX design world. So, do you want to be irreplaceable? Do you want to learn what are the UI/UX trends that will dominate the year 2021? Then stick to this blog till the end. However,  you must wonder,

latest UX-UI design trends

Why is it important to follow the latest UX/UI design trends?


When you design an app or a website, what do you keep in mind? Obviously, any designer’s first preference would be drawing the user’s attention and keeping them engaged on the platform. So how do you do that?  If your designs are old-fashioned or less interactive, then there are high chances that your mobile application or website will miserably fail. 

Therefore, it has become vital for you to build visually attractive and spontaneous web and app designs. It is only a prerequisite that you have to keep learning new design toolkits if you want to grow as a designer. So, are you ready to find out what those top UI/UX design trends are? Let’s get started!

Dark mode


In the past when computers were new in the market, the era of dark mode began. However, the early designers and users did not understand the trend at that time because Dark modes were limited to Night modes  for switching background from light to dark.  But from the past few years, this has become  trendy in significant applications such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google’s apps.

It has become so popular that brands like Android and Apple are offering in-built dark mode themes. However, we have tried to point out some more reasons why it is on top of the list. 

However, the best part about the dark mode is that it comes with an option, and you can activate or deactivate whenever you want. 

3D Elements 


Even though the 3D elements have been in trends for many years, after Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality got more ground, many businesses and companies are adopting hyperrealistic 3D elements. This trend has become the most engaging element, and it has the ability to increase potential customers. 3D visuals give that unique experience as it spans the barriers between real and digital life. 

The 3D element in mobile or websites beautifies the overall look and experience of it. Although, the major requirement to make a significant 3D element is the high performance of the website or mobile application. 

Product photography for eCommerce platforms 


No matter what UX and UI trends come and go, you have to showcase your products and services beautifully if you are into the eCommerce business. When eCommerce platforms were new in the market, clients would prefer implementing the old school style realistic photos. However, now designers and clients prefer excellent product photography. 

The latest user experience design trend that is ruling in 2020 and will continue to rise is UI/UX digital products for mobile and websites. For mobile and website designs, asymmetrical layouts for product photography is also a new trend. This way, you can improvise the growth rate. 

Floating images, layers, and soft shadows


How interesting would it be to design some layers to intensify the overall look? Floating images and visuals does the same thing to your image; it will somewhat give a 3Deffect. However, the 3D effect would be much softer; you can give this effect to your image, text, or videos. 

We have seen the finest designers’ work in the industry, and we have discovered that layering elements are “the” thing. Drop shadows for the depth and layering on top will create a lightweight feeling in the image, and if you believe us, it looks beautiful. 

Bold typography in UI/UX


If you are willing to catch your user’s attention on the landing page itself, then bold typography is a win-win for you. As they say, a human’s attention span is only 8 seconds; hence, Bold typography has become a go-to for many designers who want simple yet attractive designs. When we say simple, we mean that it is not very innovative, but designers are choosing this method to highlight certain elements. 

This user interface is getting more popular because most of your users will pay attention to heading, and if your header gets their attention, they will mostly stick to your app or website. You can highlight products, services, menu list headings, and many more things, 

Realistic textures


Just as textures are coming back in UI/UX design after many years of beautiful gradients and the isometric phenomenon, it brings excellent abilities in 2021. You can use so many different tools for texturing the image, but the most popular ones are Illustrator and Photoshop. 

Designers who want a contemporary touch in their images are choosing realistic textures for their clients. There is only one drawback to keeping it in a good state because you can’t overdo it. Your visitors will know if you overdo, you might lose potential customers. So, keep the right balance between the original and the designed versions. 

UX writing 


One of the most critical mobile UX trends that will rule in 2021 is UX writing.  In past years designers used to opt for UX writing, but with time the trend disappeared. Do you know why UX writing disappeared? Because many designers are not clear about the term UX writing. Well, for your better understanding, UX writing means you have to write clear, concise, and only critical words so that users can understand where you are trying to navigate them. 

 For example, many hotel booking apps have shifted from “Book a room” to “Check availability” because they understand the user won’t make the reservation right away. Changing the UX writing like this surely sky-rocketed their engagement rate. 

Login without passwords


According to a statistical report, about 90% of humans forget their passwords while dealing with mobile phones. The UI designers have found the solution for that too, and they brought us the major mobile UI design trends “Login without the password,” which is a blessing in disguise.

Every time a user has to remember the password, it becomes a frustrating situation as they tend to forget, as they have to go with the whole forgot password system all over again. Many other methods have replaced the password-less login, for example, Fingerprint, face authentication, and Pin codes. 

Usage of the videos


Be it a GIF, animation, motion graphics, or any other form of videos, the usage of videos in UI/UX is going to dominate in the year 2021. People can grasp the message or concept far more easily from videos; hence all the top designers adopt this trend. Not only will motion graphics increase the overall user experience, but it will also expand your users’ satisfaction ratio.

AI and Automation 


Stimulating development in AI and automation has created more momentum for businesses, financial systems, and for communities. Automation and AI are not new in the designing field, then how did it become the “Trend”? Well, the latest advancements in technology are pushing the boundaries of what machines can undertake. 

The same technology can fabricate fascinating designs in order to provide an outstanding user experience. The critical role of AI advances by integrating them with mobile applications and websites.  

In the end


This is it! These are the most significant UX/UI designing trends that will dominate the designing world in the upcoming year 2021. If you are willing to learn new styles and technologies regarding the UI/UX designing field, make sure you keep a hold of all these trends to outstretch millions of customers.