“Mobile is full of exciting technologies, and approaches that can help us transform how we teach, work, and learn.” _Geoff Stead 

The new integral part of our life, Mobile, has a lot more potential than we can ever think. We have seen in the past few years how Mobile Apps have overcome the World Wide Web. App development technologies proved to be the dominant factor in people’s lives. Nonetheless, Mobile App Development Trends played a great role in the success of any mobile apps.

People are already familiar with the evolution of the mobile app and welcoming the apps that make their lifestyle a piece of cake. However, millions of mobile apps could not perform well within their audience. The possible reason is, they might have overlooked the Best Mobile App Development Trends.

Worth mentioning is, the trends are always changing and evolving. Hence, for a startup, a product company, or a mobile app developer, it is obligatory to know the latest app trends.

For that reason, we created this piece of content that consists of Top 7 Mobile App Development Trends in 2020.

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01. App world around Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an omnipresent trend. Healthcare, Education, Marketing, small or retail or e-businesses, intelligent process automation are some sectors already acquired by AI. Their success stories stimulate other sectors to attempt AI for their mobile apps. Henceforth, the AI market is predicted to grow from $7.3B in 2020 to $30.6B in 2024.

Top-notch AI trends for mobile apps in 2020

02. Reality is now Augmented and Virtual

AR and VR technology have hit the mainstream. The best example of Augmented Reality is the Pokemon Go mobile game that has become an AR revolution. After the massive success of the game, the technology was implemented on various mobile apps to render enhanced user experience and boost the conversion rate.

Google Maps, Snapchat, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon, and many more brands’ apps have integrated VR and AR technology. It creates a virtual collaborative and social environment within the app that hits the entertainment mainstream. The rapidly increasing usage of the technology secured its place on the top mobile app development trends.

03. Everything on command with IoT

Today, it is a reality that you can control appliances from anywhere with the help of IoT technology. The concept is rapidly emerging, and according to Statista, worldwide IoT connected devices will grow to around 30.73 billion in 2020. 

IoT-powered devices and appliances that are already available in the market include Smart Mobiles, smart refrigerators, smartwatches, smart fire alarm, smart door lock, smart bicycle, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart security systems, etc. It can say that not only houses or workspace but everything would be able to control the use of IoT in the future.

The main objective of IoT-powered devices is to build a connection with the IoT App to share information through the internet transfer protocol. App developers have to select a scalable and upgraded IoT platform for app development.

A few names of efficient IoT Platforms:

04. Thief Resistant Mobile Wallet

M-commerce market is a sort of e-commerce, where the buying and selling process is done by handheld mobile devices. The increasing dependency on M-commerce has resulted in many mobile payment systems to pay online conveniently.

Millions of people are loving to pay using their smartphones rather than to swipe cards and entering details every time. Starting from bill payments to book and pay in advance to anywhere for anything mobile wallet comes in handy. Almost every industry is associated with money remittance apps. 

That includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc.

Trending features to include in Mobile Wallet App

05. Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology is a part of iOS and Android, both the app development platform after Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone. Beacon apps are famous for rendering real-time location discovery solutions.

Basically, beacons are small wireless transmitters that send signals to other smart device users with the help of the low-energy Bluetooth technology. The technology is greatly useful for Retail businesses to attract the customers by sending advertising notification to their devices as soon as the user comes within the beacon’s proximity.

Many industries such as Museums, Hotels, Healthcare have already adopted innovative technology.

Best Trends for Beacon technology apps in 2020

06. Smart Apps for Smart Wearable devices

The number of smart wearable devices has more than doubled over the past three years of time pace. The number of devices, 325 million in 2016 to 722 million devices in 2019 and expected to reach over a billion by 2022. Presently, smartwatches, smart rings, smart glasses, GPS SmartSole, fitness trackers in pairs with mobile apps are available. 

For instance, Samsung Galaxy Wearable app that connects the wearable devices via Bluetooth and manages and monitors the device features.

The trend for wearable devices is rapidly emerging with opening new opportunities for brands and app developers to thrive in the future as well.

Some wearable device trends to follow in app development.

07. Never underestimate an On-demand App

The on-demand economy lets users order anything they want at their convenience. The numerous apps including UberEats, Lyft, TaskRabbit, etc., have benefited because of the billion-dollar market of the on-demand app. The market for on-demand mobile apps is rapidly growing and will reach a value of $335Billion by 2025 as per the PwC report.

To date, the on-demand economy is visible in major industries across the world. Besides, many reports have recorded that more than 42% of on-demand apps users are millennials. These things state that the on-demand trend is here to stay for a long period of time.

On-demand economy trends for the mobile app to watch in 2020

Never-ending trends…

Millions of app trends and ideas are available for every industry, and so are the apps on the Play Store and Google Play. To emerge out in this cut-throat competition, you have to face the struggle. But the struggling time can be reduced by opting for the right approach and expert app developers for your business app.

We hope the listed trends will help you to choose the right ones for your industry app. Nevertheless, mobile apps are ubiquitous and possess their own pros and cons. If you are a newbie or feeling difficulty for business to identify the advantages of these app trends, reach our expert right away. We are a business-friendly Mobile App Development Company in Kuwait.