Applications have become super handy to people of all ages. From your 5-year-old toddler to the 60 years old grandparents, are all familiar with the usage of mobile applications.  Applications have been solving the problems of many people, and for some people, it has become essential to complete their daily tasks. For example, buying veggies, groceries, milk, and even there is an app for laundry services as well. 

Do you know the number of applications downloaded in past years? According to Forbes, almost 200 billion applications were downloaded, and there will be a rise in the numbers in the coming years.

But have you ever wondered how risky the application usage can be? The applications you use comes with a big risk you face every day, most of the applications are cyberthreat. Not only for the individuals, but it is insecure for businesses too. Just like everything that is convenient and good for us comes with a price, the same rule goes for application usage as well. The abrupt usage of mobile apps has raised questions about mobile application security. 

So, the point is, how do you manage the security of your mobile application and other data that you provide in the registration process? Do you know whether or not your mobile is free from cyber threats? Don’t you think you should consider mobile app security before storing sensitive information, especially for the online banking systems? With us doing everything online, it makes it easier for hackers to get into our systems quickly.  

So, how do we keep it safe? What are the parameters to keep our personal data only to ourselves? According to a Statista, almost 75% of the Android apps leak sensitive data, which is a petrifying number of consumers exposed to a cyber threat. So, it should be your topmost priority to secure your mobile application. We have created this guide to inform you about what kind of security issues occur and how you can develop a secure mobile application. Let’s see what are the ways to build mobile app security. 

So, what are the fundamental problems which you usually ignore during the app development process? Below is the list of things you need to know. 

Types of mobile app security issues

Types of mobile app security issues


Prevent data leakage


When you interact with an app, you agree on some permissions that allow the app to connect with your personal information. Of course, you don’t think about it when we tap that allow button every time they ask permission, and that is where you make a mistake. So, what should you do to prevent this? You can apply ethical advertising and use security analytics to ensure your user’s personal data don’t get leaked to hackers or other wicked businesses.

Use a robust authentication.


A weak authentication can cause many security breakages. Hence it is crucial to use a powerful one. This occurs especially in passwords, so you must develop an application that uses strong passwords only. You can also integrate two-factor authentication in which the user will have to update the password via their phone number or email account. The other strong authentication includes biometrics such as face lock, fingerprints, or retina scans. Many companies use biometric authentication, and it is the safest form of authentication, for instance. 

Latest cryptography techniques


The cryptography technology that comes in-built is not enough for your mobile app security specifications. Let’s face it your users are the modern users, and advanced users deserve modern-day solutions; that’s why it is crucial for you to be updated with the newest security algorithm technology. Use the new age encryption technology such as AES and SHA-256. Secured encryption is the key to secure your data. 

Do not ignore the Testing 


Even though many developers skip Testing as Testing takes a lot to process and will cost the whole QA team to test the application. To build quality code testing is equally important in mobile development, the QA team should test the applications in various mobile devices to build an app that practices best in terms of security. Hence proved it is the best way to avoid security inadequacy, which may result in data breakage. 

Platform limitations


You must understand the limitations of mobile application platforms. The security features will work depending on the platform you develop your application on, and the same goes for the coding. The other thing you need to know is password, geolocation, and encryption will support the operating system you are working with.  

Just like designing and development, the security system as well is very different in both the platforms. However, many studies have found that iOS is safer than Android, but there are several steps you can take to increase android app security. 

Unsecured network


To prevent unauthorized access and to protect data, all the servers that mobile apps connect with should have security criteria. You can also add VPN (a virtual private network) for even better security. Anyone who accesses APIs has to be verified to cybersecurity or spying on personal data. Leakage via the network connection is widespread so, it is essential to protect the data. 

Encrypt All Data 


Many mobile apps developers’ security teams have made this mistake; most of them don’t know about encryption of data. Yes, it is not enough to just encrypt the code; if you want to ensure the security of the user, you should also encrypt the data stored in the application. Now, you must wonder why do you have to encrypt all the data as well, right? Well, if you encrypt even the data, that means the hackers won’t be able to hack the data. 

Secure the app codes


When you decide to develop an app, the first thing you need to ensure is mobile app security. Especially when you are thinking about native apps, they are more defenseless than the web applications because once you download it, the code will stay on the device forever. In that case, stolen devices make it difficult to secure the data. 

It is the developer’s responsibility to test the source code to avoid future data breaches. If the developers don’t secure the app codes, it can make it effortless for the hackers to hack your device.



Your Mobile App Development Company must understand the security of its users. The cybersecurity warning and data protection are a thing to consider while developing an app.

 We hope this guide to secure apps will help you measure mobile app security.  Also.  If you refer to this guide before developing an app, you will be able to ensure both, the app you build and the data that exist on that app. The mobile app development company you choose needs to understand a thorough approach to these security measurements. 

One more thing that we would like to add in the last is the app store’s approval doesn’t mean that your app is safe to use. There are tons of unsecured approved apps running on different stores. So, the point is, don’t rush after the app store or play store’s approval.