Do you have any idea how much our lives have changed due to COVID-19? Originated from China, but right now, this virus has risen and spread in many countries. The impact this virus has made on the global economy is unbelievable, and this change includes many industries and businesses that have shut down. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the mobile game industry. Yes, you read it right; in fact, we won’t be talking too much and say that more users logged in gaming apps during the self-lock down period. 

Right after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, people had to stay home for safety issues. So, that’s when the online gaming market skyrocketed in terms of engaging more gamers. More number of users downloading mobile game apps have brought tremendous benefits for startuppers and gaming companies to diversify their business reach. 

So, if you are a startupper or a game company owner, you should take advantage of it and make an app for your business. Hence, if you are interested to know more about the mobile game development process, mobile game development cost estimation, and many more aspects related to it, read this article and educate yourself. 


Steps to Develop a Successful Mobile Game:


Step 1: Ideation 


Deciding the idea of your game application is the most crucial step to build a robust application. Your game idea must be different and engaging to appeal to more users, which can help you generate more sales. 

However, it is advisable to refine the already existing idea instead of developing a whole new approach. Candy crush is a perfect example of the game app that paid attention to improving the concept. 


Step 2: Make your game app Engaging and addictive. 


If you want to retain tons of gamers on your app, the ultimate goal is to make it super addictive. You should make it easy and enjoyable, for instance, and then gradually raise the difficulty level. Gamers can lose interest in no time, so don’t make it lengthy and tedious. 


Step 3: Work on making a significant design 


Designing a robust game app is the most critical thing, then creating other apps. Design and visuals are the first things that attract gamers; hence it is crucial to make innovative game characters and the overall look of the game. You can ask your game designer to choose designs from various options like AR and VR, 3D games, or even flat designs. 


Step 4: Choose the platform


When you develop a game engine, it can be quite tricky to choose the right platform to deploy your game app. The choice may vary among Android, iOS, and Windows. 

However, there is a convenient, easy, and affordable solution for this issue, called “ Cross-platform.” This solution will help you develop your app with one code, but your app will appear on all the major platforms.   


Step 5: Find a suitable development partner.


If you work on all the steps religiously and neglect choosing the right development partner for your game engine, you will waste all your money.  It is imperative to select a Custom Mobile Game development company that is well-experienced and proficient. Your developer should be skillful enough to transform your dream into a reality. 

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Factors Affecting The Mobile Game Development Cost

If you want to conclude the cost to build a mobile game app, various factors need to be acknowledged while developing a mobile game app. 

Now, let’s delve into what factors affect the cost of developing a mobile app game. We’ll have a complete cost breakdown of game development software. 


The plot of your game


The plot you decide for your game engine has a humongous impact on your game cost. Find out the best story, best game mechanics, and the interactivity because these are the aspects that make your game app more engaging. You must hire an experienced game strategist or game planner who can charge between $100 to $200 per hour. 


The genre of your game


After you decide the plot of your game, the next stage is to get started with developing the game app. Before you start, you must determine the genre of your game, which can be classified as mentioned below. 

The cost may vary by the type of game genre you choose Depending on the complexity. 

Game App Testing


When you estimate the cost of a mobile game app, the testing is equally important because the gamers have zero tolerance for bugs, slow running in the game. The chances are they might close the game and never return. 

Would no one want that, right? So, to conquer that issue, you must make sure the app testing process. 


Marketing of your app 


Deciding the plot, genre of your game app, and testing the robust application is not enough; you have to put some marketing effort to make it viral. If you want to improve the visibility and ranking in the Apple store and Play store, you should invest in a good marketing strategy that includes App Store Optimization. 

As we discussed above is the ultimate game development cost breakdown, you can refer to before getting started with your desired game app. 

Moreover, few more basic factors affect the cost such as:  

Keeping all the factors in check, the average mobile game app development cost may vary between $20,000 to $40,000 depending on your preferences and budget.


Final words: 


We hope this article will assist you in concluding your game app price. However, it is essential to know that this is not the ultimate price estimation; the price might get high or low according to your customization and business model. 

Since we have talked about the factors that would affect your pocket, we would also like to shed some light on how to get that money back as well, which is called the way of monetization. 

There are many ways you can monetize your gaming application which includes, Ads, In-app purchases, Pay per download, pay per click, and many more things.  So, don’t worry about spending that money, ultimately you are going to get it back. All you have to do is hire the best Game Development Company