Dealing with home chores has never been an easy task, and finding a reliable maid that would turn up on time is the hardest part. Thanks to the Home Cleaning Services App Development Solution that has opened up the gate for entrepreneurs to solve this issue technically. Justmop, for instance, is a thriving startup app that brings top-rated home cleaning services on fingertips.

The on-demand home service marketplace is founded by two former Rocket Internet Turkey department heads, Kerem Kuyucu and Ali Cagatay Ozcan. When their company shut in 2012, the duo kept looking out for gaps in the market to start something of their own. 

In 2014, Ozcan shifted to Dubai with his wife and could not find a tidy cleaner for their home. During the quest of a high-standard and timely maid for cleaning, the entrepreneur noticed an understated the problem. They decide to address people’s issues who could not find the appropriate cleaning service in their first trial. 

They build a marketplace that connects people’s requests for house cleaning, car cleaning, or laundry with pre-screened, well-trained service providers. Currently, Justmop is receiving an average 100k cleaning requests a month, which entices others to make an app like Justmop

So, let’s dive into this Home Cleaning Services & Part-Time Maids marketplace to decode home cleaning services app development.


How does the Justmop app work?


There are two individual apps, one Justmop for customers and another for Justmop partners. The app has straightforward functionalities that one can book any cleaning service on the go.


On the other hand, the Justmop partner is a particular app for cleaners to confirm customers’ requests. The app allows cleaning crew members to;


Value propositions to Make an App like Justmop


Justmop has more than 100k downloads and 450 cleaning companies’ partnerships for a reason. They provide training, technology, uniforms, and cleaning equipment for free to their workforce even though they do not employ them. For customers, they offer only veteran services after interviewing each cleaner personally. 

They ensure cleaners efficiency with their follow up system that works as per customer rating for the service. If the service falls below four ratings out of 5, the cleaner will receive additional training. Thus, Justmop provides three value propositions to serve its user base with honor.

Besides these characteristics, their in-app features are simple enough to access without any confusion. However, while listing the features, you must consider your budget to influence your Home Cleaning App Development Cost.

Home Cleaning Service App Development

Key Features required to Develop a Home Cleaning Service App like Justmop 


                 Customer          Cleaning Partner                 Admin
  • Social Signup & Logins
  • Services By Categories
  • Select The Location
  • Select The Frequency Of The Service
  • Add Service Details With Any Special Instruction
  • Feed Date & Time
  • Select And View Cleaner’s Information
  • Cancel/Reschedule Booking
  • Make Payments (Multiple Options)
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • In-app Calling And Chat
  • View Order History 
  • Rating & Feedback
  • Get App Alerts
  • Update Profile Details
  • Upload Verification Documents
  • Accept/Reject Booking
  • Choose From The Service Lists
  • Notifications And Alerts
  • Update The End Time
  • View Invoices & Earnings
  • View Service History
  • Track Customer Location
  • Manage Customer & Cleaning Partners
  • Add & Delete Details
  • Verify Documents
  • Approve/Reject Cleaners Registration
  • Manage Bookings
  • Manage Payments

How Justmop home cleaning and part-time maid service app earns money?


The company charges a commission on each completed appointment. Justmop takes about 30 percent, and 70 percent goes to the partner. Further, the cleaning service is calculated hourly, and the rate for one-off cleaning in the UAE is Dh34. And Dh30 per hour for those who book a weekly clean.

Nevertheless, multiple revenue models can be integrated into an app to generate additional revenue from the app. For instance, you can incorporate the advertisement model along with the commission model. To know more about the top mobile app monetization model, you can refer to this blog.


Wrap up


Keeping things tidy and disinfected has become a necessity of living, but due to busy life, people could not pay attention to it. Hence, a home cleaning service app like Justmop that provides a part-time maid service saves a lot of hurdles. In the UAE, people are no longer to worry about finding a maid that never is on time.

The app idea is unique and untouched in many regions across the world. For enthusiast entrepreneurs, the concept is undoubtedly worth giving a shot. Well, if your concern is about the Cost to Develop Home Cleaning App like Justmop, all you need is to reach us. Our Mobile App Development Company has a pool of experienced professionals you can trust.