Everything was already becoming digital steadily until the novel coronavirus hit the world badly. Ever since the pandemic has embarked, nearly every service from essential to amusement has rapidly become available online. The dating or matchmaking service is not an exception. Dating apps like Tinder have seen a surge in activity rising in matches 15% and sent messages by 10%.

The online dating trend is becoming stronger and going to last longer. It is the right time for rising entrepreneurs to Develop a Dating App Like Tinder, Badoo, Happn, and gain popularity & success. Software companies across the globe offer Dating app development services that assist in making and launching a dating app like Tinder. 

However, to become a one-of-a-kind, hiring development services to Build a Dating Mobile Application is not enough. You need to frame strategies and come up with unique features that allure people to use your app over existing ones. In the article, we will focus on Dating app development like Tinder, Badoo, Happn explicitly.


Before stepping ahead, let us shed some lights on the formal steps of how to make a dating app:


Step 1. Study the market value and functionality principle of the dating app

Step 2. Define the reason before you build a dating app 

Step 3. Structure formation and design of a dating app 

Step 4. Outline the appropriate tech stack to build a dating app 

Step 5. Frame MVP features of your dating app 

Step 6. Opt for a Monetization strategy


Is there any need for another Dating app?


Every business relies on its customers’ needs and desires. You launch a dating app to let people find their soulmate or date virtually. However, thousands of dating apps are already out there. So, you have to give a reason why people prefer your newly launched app over existing dating apps. 

You don’t have to compete with all dating apps but ones that share your niche. For instance, Grindr and Her are dating platforms, specifically LGBTQIA+ and lesbian and queer women community, respectively. Further, DateMyPet is a free online dating platform created exclusively for pet lovers to find a match exactly as pet lovers as the user is. 

Hence, define your niche and fulfill your audience’s needs most conveniently and pleasingly. For that, you need to go the extra mile, put yourself into customer shoes, and study their behavior. Only then will customers empathize with your business and choose your app. 


How to structure and design a Dating app?


In the designing part of your dating app, you have to ensure the UI/UX structure to be slick and amusing. In other words, create user experience (UX) thoughtfully when it comes to browsing through app screens. At the same time, the user interface must be in accordance with the app’s functionality.

To come up with a catchy dating app design, you can count on the following practice;

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Dating App Development Like Tinder, Badoo, Happn

What features to include in the Dating app development?


Features are imperative as they make your app functioning and assist it to stand out from others. You must research your competitor apps and list out the features you want to integrate into your app. However, the more features you want to incorporate into your dating app, the more it will cost you. So, pick features precisely. Have a glimpse of the several useful features for dating apps you should consider.

It is a vital component of a dating app that makes it work and drives the user’s desirable outcomes. To make your dating app smart, use such algorithms and offer various matching features, For instance;

You can also make your app smarter by using machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality technologies. These are the technologies used by apps like Amazon and Netflix to provide personalized recommendations.


Communication channels are another must-have functionality you cannot overlook at any cost as it’s the next step after matching. Allow users to express themselves to their potential partners in an amusing way. 

Include GIFS, symbols, stickers, or video calls facility in the app that enhances chat experience and helps users express their emotions. Above all, do not forget about message encryption to ensure the privacy of your users.


Other features that you need to consider are as follows;


How much would it Cost to Make an App Like Tinder, Badoo, Happn?


Every entrepreneur must concern the Cost to Develop a Dating App to manage the budget. Generally, the time and the rate of development dominate the cost with other factors, such as;

On average, it takes about 3-5 months and $20k-$50k per platform (Android or iOS + Back-end + primary admin panel development) to develop the first version of your dating app. For a detailed estimation of the cost to create a dating app, use our pricing calculator. You can also share your questions or queries related to any development service with us.