Want to get featured on Play Store or App Store? How powerful is your mobile app idea?

To get your mobile app featured on platforms like Android and iOS, you must have a unique mobile app idea that can stand out from competitive apps. According to Statista, till the first quarter of 2020, Google Play Store records the highest number with 2.56 million apps, followed by Apple App Store with 1.85 million apps.

Now, it is a given thing that in such millions of apps, only the best mobile app ideas can survive, and trending app ideas can get featured. The primary cause behind the game of millions of apps and demand for the best application ideas is none other than mobile users.

Smartphones are everywhere today, you will find them in every person’s hands. Presently, people are heavily reliant on mobile apps, whether it is for shopping, travel, payment, or services like cab booking, laundry, salon, etc. After the great success of such apps, the mobile app industry started booming and is not going to cease any time soon. 

Undoubtedly, it can be seen as an opportunity for people who want to develop and deploy their mobile apps on Android and iOS platforms. However, to achieve this charm of success, you have to come up with the Best Startup Mobile App Idea. To endure such a cut-throat app market and stand out from the rest, you need a unique approach. 

To discover a lucrative mobile app idea, we have curated 10 Best Mobile App Ideas to opt for in 2020 exclusively for startup entrepreneurs. 

Trending Mobile App Ideas In Kuwait For Startups


1. Health Inspector / Medicine Delivery App


Seeing the current scenario of Coronavirus, the health inspector app is in high demand. The world is trapped in a situation where going out is a grave danger even for medical necessities. To rescue people from such danger Health inspector and Medicine delivery app are being a great help. Analyzing symptoms with the Health inspector app, people can understand the ailment, and they can have food guidance and other assistance by contacting health experts through in-app chat or call.

Using cutting-edge technology and integrating unique features, you can leverage the virus season and help people stay safe at home. Some features that can make your app more user-friendly are;

2. Travel Assistant App


People often face difficulties in searching for a travel destination and sometimes end up with an expensive trip due to inadequate travel knowledge. Travel Assistant app helps tourists to plan their trips effectively. They can manage the hotel booking, tourist spots, local guide, local commute, utility expenses, etc., needs related to their journey in advance. 

You can also partner with hotels and restaurants to allow them to offer their services on your app. The app idea is emerging, and it can be fruitful for startup businesses in 2020. Some advanced features you can integrate to create a successful travel assistant app are;

3. Payment Solution App


Many payment solution apps like Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo are already available, assisting people to pay online securely. Such apps allow us to transfer money from one to another bank account from anywhere in the world. It enables money transferring even when a person has registered with different banks and payment systems. The payment solution app removes the tiresome bank visit terms to transfer money.

To stand out from other payment apps, provide a reliable and secure payment method using modern technologies. Some features for a secured payment solution app are;

4. Dating to Matrimony App


So far, we have seen online dating apps overcoming the traditional dating approach like Tinder, Bumble, etc., that people are using for dating or hanging out. However, The Dating to Matrimony concept is quite different from those online dating apps. The app brings users’ friends from their social media networks to users’ Dating to Matrimony app account. It further allows them to rank each other using quick comments such as beautiful, repulsive, just friend, or would date, etc.

The user will get notified when one hits the comment on their profile and can react as they wish. The app will also assist when the two-person decide to stay together and desire to take their relationship to the next level. The end-to-end Dating to Matrimony app is the most trending mobile app idea to choose for a startup in 2020.

5. Interior Designer App


Interior Designer App

We people love to decorate our houses to make it a sweet home. But it is not easy to assume the right spot to place the right item in the house. Hiring an interior designer to decorate the house can cost an arm and a leg. For such an obstacle, interior designer mobile apps are a proven savior that eliminates home decoration dilemmas. It makes people their own interior designer.

Users can click the photo of their home and can visualize it with different wall paintings, colors, curtains, flowers, vas, etc. Users can try different decorative elements and choose the perfect match for their home. You can also integrate the in-app store to let users purchase such elements from nearby product dealers.

6. eBook Reader App


The eBook reader app is one of the best mobile app ideas in 2020. The eBook concept is quite aged now. Besides, a vast eBook reading audience already exists that download and read eBook on their smartphones or iPads. Readers find the digital way of reading much more convenient than carrying 1000 or more pages of books everywhere.

However, the eBook reader apps are limited, and the community of online readers is overgrowing. If you are interested in developing a mobile app, the eBook Reader app is highly recommended. Let’s see some reader-friendly features you can add into your eBook reader app;

 7. All In One Social App


It becomes hard to contain all the social media apps on a mobile phone and can create junk files that occupied the most internal storage. Consequently, the system becomes slower than before. Besides, switching tabs frequently to surf social media accounts at a time is quite frustrating. 

Integrate all the major social apps, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., and create an ultimate platform. You can reduce millennials’ hassle to access multiple social media apps using your ultimate social media app. 

8.Food Recipe App


Food Recipe App Idea

Food Recipe Apps have seen most users during this lockdown situation with rising many amateur chefs. People started trying different cuisines when delivered outside food became virus suspicious. Besides, the chef community also has been seeing helping beginners with their natural food recipe content.

You can develop this trending mobile application and allow chefs and beginners to be on the same platform. Let chefs share their recipe videos or content that help amateurs and beginners and expand the chef community through your Food Recipe App. 

9. Restaurant Reservation


Restaurant Reservation apps are more likely going to witness massive demand in the near time. The government is ready to offer relief during lockdown with specific restrictions that include restaurants as well. Now restaurants are allowed to resume services but with limited customers and staff. In this case, people will rush to book a table at their desired restaurant. 

There is an opportunity for startups to launch an app where restaurants can be listed, and users can find nearby restaurants to reserve a table in advance. 

10. Barter Trade App 


People used to store the stuff in the garage or throw away that they do not use or need anymore in their routine. But ever since the concept “buy and sell old stuff” has arrived, the habit of storing useless stuff has turned into the money-making trend. Apps like LetGo, eBay, Etsy, etc., offer the platform for buyers and sellers of second-hand things and allow them to bargain through in-app chat and call.

It can also be called a Barter Trade App that possesses the potential to become a great business shortly.

Why wait?


We have exposed the top 10 mobile app ideas exclusively for startups in Kuwait. Any of these mobile app ideas can boost your startup within a short period of time. Now, it is time to take the initiative and step ahead towards hiring developers to shape your startup’s bright future. 

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